What is person centred care?

By 17th July, 2019 Care, Care Home No Comments

The NHS defines person centred care as a process that is people focused, promotes independence and autonomy, provides choice and control and is based on a collaborative team philosophy. It takes into account people’s needs and views and builds relationships with family members. It recognises that care should be holistic and so includes a spiritual, pastoral and religious dimension. The delivery of person centred care requires both safe and effective care and should result in a good experience for people.  

But what does this really mean?

For us at Grosvenor Lodge, it means we take time to get to know every resident at our care home, before they arrive and while they are living with us. We learn what they like to do, their hobbies, what they used to do for a living, how they like to be cared for. We then use all of this information to put together a care plan and work together with the resident to ensure they are happy with their plan.

But for us it is much more than a care plan, we want our home to be their home, so we try to cater to the individual and what I mean by this, is for example one of our residents is a retired builder, so he loves a trip to B&Q and helping out with any jobs we may have around the home, so we make sure whenever we need to go to the DIY shop he is invited and if we have some jobs that are safe for him to help with we ask for his help. A trip to B&Q isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, so it wouldn’t make sense to invite all the residents. We have another resident who loves tennis, so we are trying to arrange a trip to go and watch a match. For those who can’t get out of the home, we try and make their stay as personalised as possible. We are currently in the process of buying Alexa’s for each room and setting them up with each residents’ favourite songs and talking books.

Person centred care is also about involving the residents in decisions about the home, so we have also held cheese and wine nights so they can vote for the cheeses they would like to have in the home, rather than just cheddar. We have also invited residents into the manager’s meetings so they can give feedback on how we are doing and make suggestions on how we can do things better. One suggestion was that the residents would really like their hot meal served on a warm plate, something simple for us to do that would make a big difference to the residents’ enjoyment of mealtimes.

Not everything can be personalised, and so we offer a wide range of activities and entertainment that residents can choose whether they want to be involved or not. There is always a quiet space for relaxing, and watching TV or listening to music and residents are welcome to relax in their rooms if they prefer where they have their own TV and will soon have their own Alexa if they don’t already.

We take pride in our work, and really do want to deliver the best quality of life for our residents. We want living with us to be enjoyable and we want the residents to be happy, so we do everything in our power to make that happen and we feel the best way to achieve this is by treating each resident as an individual and listening to them and what they would like to do!