Nutrition at our Care Home Near Brighton

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Why nutrition is important at our care home near Brighton

The variety, quality, and high nutritional value of good food is something we believe shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to residential care for the elderly; not least because diet can have such an impact on health, as well as quality of life. That’s why we take nutrition very seriously at our care home near Brighton.

Using as much local produce as possible, our chef whips up a variety of delicious meals, enabling all our residents to choose what they’d like to eat each day. The menu can be adapted to suit different tastes as well as cater to specific dietary needs. Our staff are on hand at every meal time to not only make sure everything is to everyone’s liking, but also to offer explanation around the food.

We consistently support residents at meal times, and encourage them to eat and drink well. Food is a source of joy for so many, and we’re keen for this to continue to be the case for the residents at our care home near Brighton