How We Navigate Dementia at our Residential Home in Hove

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At our residential home in Hove, dementia care is our priority – here’s how we navigate it

Becoming disorientated is a common characteristic of dementia, so we make it as easy as possible for residents to recognise different areas of our residential home in Hove. Our hallways are zoned, for example, so that it’s easier to distinguish each one from each other. Memory loss is one of the most well known aspects of dementia, so we regularly hold reminisce sessions to help residents get in touch with their pasts. Whilst the condition is known for reducing people’s judgement, understanding and thinking speed, our dedicated team are trained to encourage resident’s independence and decision making as much as possible. We promote freedom of choice and ensuring all of the people in our care eresidential home in hovenjoy a high quality of life their way.

Residents and families aren’t just supported by the Grosvenor Lodge team; we regularly welcome Brighton & Hove In-reach team. They consist of specialist dementia nurses and occupational therapists. These wonderful people provide valuable advice and guidance to residents, relatives, and staff.

We’re proud for Grosvenor Lodge to be such a popular dementia care home in Hove. We’re always happy to answer any questions about the care we provide via the contact details here.