Supporting The Elderly This Winter

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Supporting the elderly this winter: our Sussex care home has tips for friends and relatives

Winter is a particularly difficult time for the elderly; bad weather can make getting around harder, there’s plenty of cold and flu around, and the cold air can make things like chest infections are very serious matter; not to mention that loneliness can set in, too. If you’ve got an elderly friend, relative or neighbour, there are a few things you can do to support them this winter…

Keep an eye

Call and visit more often, ensuring they’re up and well. Make sure they know where you are and how to contact you should they have any problems.

Help them with shopping 

Make sure they’ve got at least the basics in the cupboard and freezer, in case it’s too cold to go shopping, or the shops will be shut for days over Christmas.


Make sure their heating’s working and turned up to a comfortable level

Ensure they have all their medication

Pharmacies can have unpredictable opening hours during the festive period, and may be difficult to get to in bad weather; make sure your friend, relative or neighbour has enough of their medication to last them until they’re able to get to a pharmacy again.

Clear snow and put down salt

If bad weather strikes, limit the risk of slips and falls by clearing snow and putting salt down on any icy patches.